Two people having a conversation about safety during COVID-19.

COVID conversations

How to approach difficult discussions about safety during the pandemic.

A lung cancer screening helped Phil Mahaffey catch his lung cancer early.

Cancer doesn't wait

A lung cancer screening helped Phil Mahaffey catch his cancer early.

actor Tom Hanks waving

What would Tom Hanks do?

Why COVID-19 survivors should consider donating plasma to help others.

a group of people on a zoom video conference call

Avoid doom on Zoom

As remote work continues for many, make the most of videoconferencing.

petri dishes show difference between wearing a mask or not wearing a mask

The proof is in the petri

Unconvinced about the power of masks? Take a look!

kids playing outside

Structuring your kids’ summer

Keep your children busy during these ever-changing times.

Art therapy

Embrace your inner artist

Doing arts and crafts is good for your health.

woman wearing mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Nervous about normal?

Baptist team member shares how she is adapting to uncertainty due to COVID-19.

woman wearing a mask and gloves to clean a computer in her office

Back to business

Tips for staying safe as many employees return to work.