blocks spelling "Calm" on one side, "Panic" on the other

Reducing fear and fatigue

Tips for how to cope during a crisis.

couple sitting on a couch talking to a virtual doctor on their tablet

The doctor will see you now

Why virtual visits using telehealth are on the rise

illustration of COVID-19 Q&A with man and woman wearing face masks

How do I make a face mask?

The CDC offers some no-sew methods.

graphic of "Q & A with images of household items such as a light switch, phone, faucet"

Which surfaces should you disinfect?

Spend extra time cleaning these high-touch surfaces in your home

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How can cancer patients stay safe?

Steps you can take to protect yourself if you're battling cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The importance of brushing your teeth

The other benefits of brushing

Can good oral hygiene help to reduce your risk of cancer?

Tim Parenton

Power hitter

When throat cancer came for Timothy Parenton, he struck back.

lung cancer screening

‘You’re a fool not to do it’

You’re a fool not to do it

Dr. Shawyntee Mayo with a patient

Heart to heart

What every parent-to-be should know about congenital heart defects.