Patient Debbie Haynam with her puppy

A race against time

Call 911 immediately if you notice stroke symptoms.

Migraines cause severe pain in your head.

Dealing with migraines?

Learning more about that pain in your head.

Strokes in COVID patients

COVID causes stroke?

A number of factors can contribute to the formation of blood clots.

Female hospital patient and her physicians

Clot buster

The faster FDA-approved drug can be given for stroke, the better.

Man and wife share a laugh outdoors.

Short circuit

Local electrician rebounds from near-fatal brain bleed.

A nurse transports a patient in a wheelchair.

Her ER angel

Nurse on coffee break comes to aid of stroke victim.

Baptist Health nurse listening to a female patient's heart

Like nothing happened

Nurse underwent four brain surgeries in two months.

photo for A new chance at life article

A new chance at life

25-year-old endured 6 major surgeries in 3 years.

photo for Tumbling dice article

Tumbling dice

Not getting treated for an aneurysm is like gambling your life away.