friends drinking together

Think before you drink

Is there a link between alcohol and cancer?

logan silva

Soccer player shoots to score again

Logan was treated for brain cancer at Wolfson Children's, one of U.S. News’ 50 Best Children’s Hospitals


Immunotherapy providing hope

Clinical trials and new FDA decision aid breast cancer patients.

photo for What’s in your DNA? article

What’s in your DNA?

Genetic testing increases chances of survival.

healthy kidneys

Kidney cancer links

Urologic oncologist talks about what is, and what is likely not, behind this rare type of cancer.

spoons with superfoods

Do superfoods have superpowers?

Oncologist weighs in on cancer-fighting foods and well-rounded diets.

Deborah Norville

10 minutes could save your life

Alert viewer spots suspicious lump on ‘Inside Edition’ host's neck, leading to thyroid cancer diagnosis.

cake on plate

Cancer scare disrupted wedding plans

Swift recovery from surgery enabled separated couple to remarry.

Alex Trebek

Jeopardy! host reveals cancer diagnosis

Trebek vows to fight pancreatic cancer with the help of his medical team.