photo for I love you as you are article

I love you as you are

Supporting your child’s coming out.

Phase One Vaccine Allocation

Who goes first?

Phase One of COVID-19 vaccine allocation, explained.

photo for Should I wear a mask? article

Should I wear a mask?

Short answer, YES! Do it for yourself, and for others.

Two people having a conversation about safety during COVID-19.

COVID conversations

How to approach difficult discussions about safety during the pandemic.

photo for Can you feel the heat? article

Can you feel the heat?

Hot tips for taking your temperature.

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Blood work

Researchers debunk link between COVID-19 and blood groups.

gender pronouns illustration pride month

Don’t assume; ask

Using preferred pronouns is a respectful practice.

actor Tom Hanks waving

What would Tom Hanks do?

Why COVID-19 survivors should consider donating plasma to help others.

people on a zoom video conference call during covid-19

Avoid doom on Zoom

As remote work continues for many, make the most of videoconferencing.