illustration of words "covid-19 q & a" and immunity

Can I get COVID twice?

Infectious disease expert sets the record straight.

little girl receiving flu shot

Get your flu vax, Jax

How the flu vaccine can help you, your loved ones, and local hospitals.

Home health nurse examines patient in her home

Cured of COVID-19 at home

Single mom had a 100-degree fever for 40 days.

petri dishes show difference between wearing a mask or not wearing a mask

The proof is in the petri

Unconvinced about the power of masks? Take a look!

Patient Dickie Anderson relaxing on a park bench

Don’t delay ER care

Amelia Island resident is glad she didn’t.

covid and hot sun

Can heat beat it?

Like flu, will warm weather slow the spread of COVID-19?

superspreader woman coughing COVID-19

Are you a ‘superspreader’?

Is it true that some people spread COVID-19 more readily than others?

Baptist career nurses at St. Augustine Beach

‘Nurse mode’

Baptist Health team members come to the aid of near-drowning victim.

Kids playing outside

Structuring your kids’ summer

Keep your children busy during these ever-changing times.