man blowing his nose in a tissue

VIDEO: Can you develop allergies as an adult?

An ear, nose and throat specialist talks about adult-onset allergies.

Woman staring out of a window

Old diagnosis, new options

Old diagnosis, new options

woman on flight with earache

FAQs with an ENT

From unplugging ears after flying to finally throwing out the Q-tips.

photo for Stop suffering article

Stop suffering

Breathe easier with the right treatment for your sinus pain and lingering symptoms.

Little boys with megaphone

Holiday cheer may hurt little ears

Noise from toys can be comparable to noise from power tools, leaving kids vulnerable to hearing loss.

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Say that again

If you suffer from untreated hearing loss, you could be missing a whole lot more than words.

photo for Getting dizzy with it article

Getting dizzy with it

If the room is spinning, it might be vertigo and there is help.

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Things can get tricky when you feel icky

Is it a cold, a sinus infection or just allergies? Common symptoms can make it hard to tell.

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Don't suffer in sinus

Don't suffer in sinus