Ethan Atkins

'He had a golf ball-sized mass'

Tallahassee-area teen makes a full recovery after brain surgery at Wolfson Children's.

Fitness competitor

More than a migraine

The picture of health, fitness competitor suffers a stroke but powers through.

photo for Woke up with a stroke article

Woke up with a stroke

Less invasive neurosurgery had stroke patient in and out of hospital in two days.

Luke Perry

Is 52 too young to have a stroke?

Luke Perry’s death prompts questions about stroke and age.

photo for ‘Furry four-legged heroes’ article

‘Furry four-legged heroes’

Bella and Sadie save their human after a stroke.

Riley Theis

From cancer survivor to healthcare provider

Now a nursing assistant, Riley Theis loves showing off her scar from brain tumor surgery.

Jaydon Hogan

Kids aren’t supposed to have aneurysms

Six-year-old boy saved from near-certain death thanks to first procedure of its kind.

Aneurysm surgery

Are you at risk for an aneurysm?

Family history, smoking—and just being a woman—may make you more susceptible. Have you been tested?

woman and man next to MRI machine

One size does not fit all

Magazine exec with fear of tight spaces finds reassurance in true open MRI.