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Does your home state increase your stroke risk?

Studies show that Florida has an unusually high incidence of stroke compared to other states.

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Changing the outlook on stroke treatment

The window for treating a stroke has expanded from six to 24 hours after the stroke occurs.

Carl Shank

What happens when the chief has a stroke?

Quick thinking by paramedics enabled fire official to receive comprehensive treatment.

ER patient

He was waiting for a prescription when he had a stroke

Venerable attorney successfully treated for blood clot in the brain a day after riding out Hurricane Irma.

Ray and Wilma Yoder

645 pit stops on the road to recovery

Couple resumes quest to eat at every Cracker Barrel, thanks to life-saving aneurysm treatment.

Rafael and Larissa Mellem

Chance encounter connects Brazilian patient to Baptist

A casual chat at her daughter’s school brought Larissa Mellem to Jacksonville for less-invasive aneurysm surgery.

Dana Bean had a brain aneurysm.

Dana Bean’s ‘ticking time bomb’ gone

Forty years after watching her mother die from a brain aneurysm, a new technology helped her escape the same fate

Patient Ronald Rentz

911 asked what the emergency was and he said 'Stroke'

Quick action, team work led to Navy Veteran having a second chance at life after stroke

Linda Shriner, nurse at Baptist Health

Nurse who cares for stroke patients has one herself

Linda Shriner recognized her symptoms early, allowing doctors to use a new device to close the hole in her heart.