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8 ways to reduce your breast cancer risk

Learn how to protect yourself with these tips from a Baptist Health expert.

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Bouncing back from the brink of death

True save: “He came in comatose and now he’s normal”

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Tutus, teddy bears, superheroes and cancer treatment

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Realtor’s breast cancer didn’t slow her down

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Breast cancer, from a husband’s perspective

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Retirement interrupted, and a life turned upside down

After a scary breast cancer diagnosis, longtime community leader is on the mend and back on the road to relaxation.

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New drugs join forces to shrink cancer tumors

Combined therapy attacks aggressive breast cancer cells from different directions.

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On a mission to find a cure for cancer

Former Green Beret wouldn't take no for an answer when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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Cancer survivor now a stickler for sunscreen protection

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