Graphic of family of four wearing masks at the airport.

Too soon to fly?

There are hygienic measures to reduce inflight risk.

Art therapy

Embrace your inner artist

Doing arts and crafts is good for your health.

Man in wheelchair holding best wishes sign

A very good Friday

COVID-19 survivor goes home after 15 days on a ventilator.

Cleaning and disinfecting during COVID-19.

Don’t just clean; disinfect, too.

Yes, there is a difference!

Hand in medical glove cleaning a sink

Rely on our supply

How can hospitals have cleaning supplies when you can’t find any in stores?

Returning to work

Nervous about normal?

Baptist team member shares how she is adapting to uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Returning to work

Back to business

Tips for staying safe as many employees return to work.

blocks that say calm and panic

Reducing fear and fatigue

Tips for how to cope during a crisis.

Telehealth visit

The doctor will see you now

Why virtual visits using telehealth are on the rise