photo for ‘My worst fear came true’ article

‘My worst fear came true’

With vaccines for babies on the brink of approval, my toddler got COVID-19.

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Littlest for last

COVID-19 vaccines for babies and children 6 months to 5 years old.

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Epidemiology 101

Endemics, pandemics and epidemics, explained.

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Pack a mask?

Traveling with children too young for a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Sibling strain

Fast facts about the COVID-19 BA.2 subvariant.

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Pandemic drinking

Why more women have turned to alcohol.

3 vials of COVID-19 vaccine

New shot on the block?

What you need to know about the Sanofi-GSK COVID-19 vaccine.

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Post-COVID hair loss

‘Shedding’ light on this lesser-known symptom.

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Preventing MIS-C

Study finds COVID-19 vaccine also prevents kid-specific syndrome.