illustration of travel, teacher and exercise icons with words "low risk" and "high risk"

Ranking your risk

Find out what your COVID-19 risk level is for everyday activities.

contract tracing illustration

How did I get COVID-19?

Your local health department can help sort that out.

close up of woman coughing spreading cartoon germs

Are you a ‘superspreader’?

Is it true that some people spread COVID-19 more readily than others?

graphic depicting the sun melting a virus

Can heat beat it?

Like flu, will warm weather slow the spread of COVID-19?

close up of a man in a mask and hoodie standing next to a woman in sunglasses

Life after COVID-19

Minister who nearly lost his life is helping doctors learn more about the condition.

digital rendering of lungs with virus surrounding them

Immune offense

Why COVID-19 seems to prefer those who are older.

young boy laying in bed sleeping with a pained expression on his face

How COVID-19 affects kids

A condition called MIS-C is rare, but something parents should watch for.

graphic of boy sneezing into a tissue

Which sick is which?

How to tell if you’ve got allergies, a cold or COVID-19.

mom with children who are jumping on couch

Parents: Take 10

How to keep your cool with children and avoid the worst.