Man with cigarette hidden behind his back

Smoking shame may delay cancer diagnosis

Forget about the stigma. If you’re at risk, consider a lung cancer screening.

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Breast cancer in men

Only one in a thousand men will ever be diagnosed with breast cancer. Meet one.

photo for Looking for hope and a cure in Jacksonville article

Looking for hope and a cure in Jacksonville

A rare tumor brings South Florida resident to Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center for treatment.

Isabelle Scott

Forty-six strings are helping her heal

College-bound musician leans on harp while being treated for cancer at Wolfson Children’s.

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Tying the knot

A Baptist MD Anderson cancer patient recalls his mock wedding organized by his nurses.

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8 ways to reduce your breast cancer risk

Learn how to protect yourself with these tips from a Baptist Health expert.

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Bouncing back from the brink of death

True save: “He came in comatose and now he’s normal”

Jenna Rojas

Tutus, teddy bears, superheroes and cancer treatment

Diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, Jenna Rojas didn’t let chemotherapy get her down. Instead, she dressed up.

Realtor’s breast cancer didn’t slow her down

Joanie Heighes missed her mammogram in 2014, but last year’s screening probably saved her life.