photo for Shades of pee article

Shades of pee

Urine luck, your drips can say a lot about your health.

Sickle cell blood shapes

C-shaped sickness

Sickle cell complications may vary from mild to severe.

patient doing virtual visit

VIDEO: You can see your doctor now

Virtual visits allow patients to access medical care from the comfort of home.

photo for Which sick is which? article

Which sick is which?

How to tell if you’ve got allergies, a cold or COVID-19.

man with pink eye

Must-see TV

Pink eye sent squinting sportscaster to the dark room.

Google Health Questions

‘OK Google’

2019’s most ‘Googled’ health questions (and answers)!

overeating on thanksgiving

Overstuffed on Thanksgiving

Can eating more than 3,000 calories in one meal harm your body?

photo for Flu shot: 'FLUUUVAL' article

Flu shot: 'FLUUUVAL'

Your first line of defense against the flu.


The adult ABCs

The adult ABCs