brain aneursym

Not naïve about aneurysms

Woman didn’t want to suffer the same fate as her late husband.

Monteris laser

VIDEO: Small laser, big impact

The robotically controlled laser is a new option to treat certain brain tumors and epilepsy.

Photo of cardiac rehab couple

A blessing in disguise

Wife’s cardiac rehab appointment saves husband with stroke.

photo for Nothing normal about NPH article

Nothing normal about NPH

After ‘chasing a diagnosis for years,’ retired attorney found relief for often misdiagnosed condition.

Ethan Atkins

'He had a golf ball-sized mass'

Tallahassee-area teen makes a full recovery after brain surgery at Wolfson Children's.

Fitness competitor

More than a migraine

The picture of health, fitness competitor suffers a stroke but powers through.

photo for Woke up with a stroke article

Woke up with a stroke

Less invasive neurosurgery had stroke patient in and out of hospital in two days.

Luke Perry

Is 52 too young to have a stroke?

Luke Perry’s death prompts questions about stroke and age.

photo for ‘Furry four-legged heroes’ article

‘Furry four-legged heroes’

Bella and Sadie save their human after a stroke.