Announcing Baptist Health’s New Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center

To fight the devastating impact of stroke on patients and families in Florida, Georgia and beyond, Baptist Health and Lyerly Neurosurgery have created the Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center for advanced treatment of strokes, brain aneurysms and other cerebrovascular conditions. Patients no longer have to leave the area for state-of-the-art, life-saving treatments.

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  • North Florida’s Largest Minimally Invasive Robotic Program.

    Baptist offers the area’s most comprehensive minimally invasive robotic surgery program, with more than 75 trained and credentialed surgeons. Together, they’ve performed close to 4,000 robot-assisted surgeries for a growing number of conditions – including urinary, reproductive, colon, hernia, appendix and gallbladder. Renee recently had single-site surgery to remove her gallbladder. Inside her bellybutton, her scar is practically invisible. Learn more

    Single-site robotic surgery exceeds Renee’s expectations image

    Single-site robotic surgery exceeds Renee’s expectations

    As a kid, I remember the large diagonal scar my mother had from gallbladder surgery. I was so relieved to hear that my scar would be practically invisible. Read Renee's story

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    Mazor Renaissance Robotic Technology

    Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville has the only Mazor Renaissance Robotic technology in north Florida and was the first hospital to obtain the system between Atlanta and Orlando. The hospital was one of the first in the U.S. to purchase two systems, according to Mazor representatives. Learn more

    Bonnie's Mazor Robotic Spine Surgery story image

    Mazor Spine Surgery helps correct Bonnie’s scoliosis

    Bonnie’s lifelong scoliosis was causing her tremendous back pain. After minimally invasive robotic spine surgery at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, Bonnie is now living an active, pain-free life. She was pleased with her quick recovery, small scars and most of all, a straighter spine. Watch Bonnie's story

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    Minimally Invasive da Vinci Surgery

    Baptist Health is the region’s leader in offering robotic-assisted surgery for minimally invasive procedures. The daVinci system allows physicians to minimize the size of the incision and reduce risk of complications after surgery. Learn more

    Susan's da Vinci Surgery story image

    Susan is cancer-free after minimally invasive robotic surgery

    When Susan noticed fatigue and abdominal swelling, she saw her doctor and learned she had a three-and-a-half pound ovarian tumor. A national leader in minimally invasive surgery, Stephen L. Buckley, MD, performed Susan’s total hysterectomy at Baptist, which had big benefits for Susan. Read Susan's story