Geriatric Care

Baptist Health’s AgeWell program helps older adults maintain their independence and quality of life. We provide comprehensive care for older adults with complex health issues.

A Team Approach to Overall Care

At the AgeWell Center for Senior Health, we look at all of the physical, emotional, social and environmental factors that can affect an older person’s quality of life. We address these issues with a personalized and coordinated care plan. AgeWell is the only program of its kind in northeast Florida where seniors and their family members can find a wide range of health solutions all under one roof.

Our team includes social workers, doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists and pharmacists, to help older adults and remain as independent as possible.

Common Conditions and Treatment Options

Too often, symptoms of treatable conditions are dismissed as a normal part of aging. AgeWell looks at underlying causes of common conditions and finds treatments to help seniors improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Memory Loss

Occasional forgetfulness can happen to anyone, but when memory loss affects everyday functions, it may be time to determine the causes. For some, adjustments to medication, better nutrition and more sleep can improve memory, while others may benefit from cognitive therapy exercises with an occupational therapist.


Although about half of older adults experience incontinence, bladder problems are not a natural consequence of aging. Women are most likely to develop incontinence, but men, especially those who have had prostate surgery, can experience incontinence as well. Often, this problem goes untreated because fewer than half of those with bladder issues ever discuss the condition with a health care provider. A geriatrician can work with seniors to find the best solution, which could include pelvic muscle exercises, behavioral therapy, biofeedback or medication.

Balance and Mobility

Recovering after a fall or surgery can make balance and mobility a challenge. Our physical therapists can help older adults regain strength and balance to improve mobility and independence.

Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is essential to overall health and the well-being of older adults. Many conditions are treatable with medication and counseling. Our physicians work together with a psychologist or psychiatrist to address the myriad of issues that can be causing depression or anxiety. The most common mental health issues addressed at AgeWell include:

  • Dementia

  • Anxiety

  • Late life depression

  • Delirium

Medication Management

The average AgeWell patient takes 15 different medications. Often, AgeWell’s clinical pharmacist finds conflicting medications or duplicates and can pare down the medication.

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