Hill Breast Center

The largest dedicated breast center in our region, the Robert and Margaret Hill Breast Center is a part of the Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center. Our focus is on the power of prevention, with screening, risk assessments and health education.

Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic

Our multidisciplinary team surrounds our patients with virtually everything they need from breast health, education and screening to breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and support service including genetic testing and counseling, as well as psychological services. For patients diagnosed with breast cancer, we bring together the collaborative expertise of oncologists, surgeons, mammography specialists, pathologists, and breast care coordinators to develop a personalized treatment plan. The breast care coordinator is a dedicated nurse clinician who is there to help the patient every step of the way throughout the treatment and healing process. Outpatient procedures are offered in the same building for patients convenience.

All of our specialists in breast cancer meet weekly to discuss care, including clinical and pathological and radiological findings. Through collaboration, our goal is the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

Specialized Team of Radiologists

Hill Breast Center is home to a team of radiologists who interpret al screening and diagnostic mammograms for Baptist Health, including screening mammograms performed at our community hospitals. The dedicated team approach is designed to ensure accurate, rapid results. The team also provides second and third opinion or more if needed.

Oncology Patient Navigators

These nurse clinicians are dedicated to one purpose – reducing the anxiety that can come with breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. They are available to help as much as each patient desires by:

  • Helping to arrange appointments
  • Arranging and providing support
  • Making treatment and the healing process go as smoothly as possible

Full Range of the Latest Technology

We offer the advantage of a screening mammogram, follow up diagnostic testing and treatment in one location.

  • LumaGEM™ molecular breast imaging
  • Sentinal node injection
  • Digital mammogram
  • Nuclear scan
  • Breast MRI technology
  • PET Scan
  • Breast ultrasound machines
  • Ultrasound-guided cyst apirations
  • Guided needle localization
  • Galactography (ductography)
  • Stereotactic core biopsy
  • Bone density scanner

Why my doctor recommends a digital mammogram?

All of our locations offer the latest screening technology, including digital mammography. We were the first in the region to use this advanced tool.

The Margaret and Robert Hill Breast Center, located at 1235 San Marco Boulevard, offers digital mammography for screening, along with the latest diagnostic services a woman might need, including breast ultrasound, MRI and biopsy capabilities; these tests often can be done the same day a suspicious result is found on a mammogram.

Our goal it to keep women healthy, and when there is a possibility of breast cancer, to find it, develop a personalized plan to treat it at any of our adult hospitals, and return our patients to full health.

  • Immediate viewing of results
  • Image enhancement by computer
  • 28% more cancers found in women younger than 50, and in those with dense breast tissue
  • Reduced radiation exposure by up to 17%