Breast Health

Baptist Health is the regional leader in breast health. We offer comprehensive breast care with digital screening mammograms and advanced diagnostics, treatments including minimally invasive options, and innovations in reconstructive surgery. Regular breast exams and screenings are important aspects of a woman’s care. Our screening and breast health services are designed to be convenient, comprehensive and supportive.

Routine Screening Mammogram

The American Cancer Society recommends yearly screening mammogram for all women ages 40 and older, but you may choose to start at an earlier age if you’re at high risk for breast cancer or if your doctor recommends it. Please talk with your doctor about your risk factors and make a personal decision about when and how often to have a mammogram. Early detection begins with you! Baptist offers digital mammograms at several locations and it’s easy to request an appointment online or by phone.

We work around your schedule because your time is valuable. We can usually schedule a screening mammogram in one to two days at any of our convenient locations.


Our breast health services locations were designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. And with digital mammography, the procedure is done very quickly, often without the need for retakes – something our patients appreciate.


Our specially trained, all female mammographers are board-certified radiologists with additional training in breast health. Also part of our expert team are our credentialed mammography technologists, surgical nurses and others, who have many years of experience taking care of women.

Our breast care coordinators, also part of our team, are registered nurses who can offer the woman diagnosed with breast cancer the support she needs, along with help in navigating through treatment and follow-up, and access to community resources.

Because Breast Health Services is part of Baptist Health, we have access to all of the breast cancer resources our organization has to offer, including breast cancer surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and cosmetic surgeons. This means we can consult as a team to decide the best treatment plan for the individual woman.

Why my doctor recommends a digital mammogram?

Our Breast Health Services locations offer the latest screening technology, including digital mammography. We were the first in the region to use this advanced tool.

The beautiful new Margaret and Robert Hill Breast Center, located at 1235 San Marco Boulevard, offers digital mammography for screening, along with the latest diagnostic services a woman might need, including breast ultrasound, MRI and biopsy capabilities; these tests often can be done the same day a suspicious result is found on a mammogram.

Our goal it to keep women healthy, and when there is a possibility of breast cancer, to find it, develop a personalized plan to treat it at any of our adult hospitals, and return our patients to full health.

  • Immediate viewing of results
  • Image enhancement by computer
  • 28% more cancers found in women younger than 50, and in those with dense breast tissues
  • Reduced radiation exposure by up to 17%