Baptist Health joins forces with Blue Zones to begin building a plan for well-being transformation in Jacksonville

Blue Zones to assess Jacksonville’s well-being and create plan to help residents live longer and better.

Minneapolis, Minn. and Jacksonville, Fla.

Baptist Health has invited Blue Zones to bring its expertise in well-being innovation to Jacksonville. The first phase is a Blue Zones Activate assessment and feasibility study that will help determine how to make Jacksonville a healthier and happier place to live, work and grow old.

Research shows that where people live has a significant influence on their health – even more than their genetics. Blue Zones tackles this "zip code effect" by using scientifically proven lessons of longevity, health and happiness gleaned from their 20 years of international research to boost the well-being of entire communities.

By focusing on making permanent and semi-permanent changes to the Life Radius – the area close to home where people spend 90% of their lives – Blue Zones has helped hundreds of communities achieve measurable improvements in its residents’ health.

“Baptist Health’s vision is ‘A Lifetime of Health, Together,’" said Brett McClung, president and CEO of Baptist Health. “That vision extends beyond the walls of our hospitals and calls us to help all people in the community live longer and healthier lives. We are excited to build on a long legacy of community partnership by inviting Blue Zones, a proven leader in community-led health improvement, to help Jacksonville learn some new and innovative ways to achieve transformational results.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this work begins at a time when public focus is now, more than ever, on the interconnectedness of our health to that of our friends and neighbors. As a proven and comprehensive solution influencing social determinants of health and improving health equity, the Blue Zones approach for strengthening community well-being will be critical as we navigate recovery.

In the assessment phase, which begins in January and concludes with recommendations in May, Blue Zones collaborates with local leaders to assess readiness and build a plan for change. The Blue Zones team, made up of global experts in food systems, the built environment, tobacco and alcohol use, health equity, and happiness, will work with local experts and leaders to assess the highest priority needs and opportunities, as well as strengths and challenges.

Ben Leedle, CEO of Blue Zones said, “We are excited to learn from and share our knowledge with Jacksonville leaders, and we applaud Baptist Health for spearheading this movement. Improved well-being leads to healthier and happier residents, a better and more productive workforce, and a more vibrant economy. We are excited to create a transformation plan for Jacksonville that will improve the lives of current and future generations.”

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