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Baptist Health provides you and your family with comprehensive, quality medical care in addition to helping you navigate the highly complex world of billing, health insurance and medical records.

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Non-Discrimination of Patients

Baptist Health will admit and provide treatment to patients without regard to the individual's race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, handicap, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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  • Medical Records

    If you would like to obtain a copy of your medical records, images or test results, we are here to help.

  • Financial Assistance

    Baptist Health offers several options, such as financial assistance or discounted care, help in applying for government programs, payment plans, and referrals to medical care programs.

  • Patient Cost Estimates

    Baptist Health is committed to making pricing information more accessible to you, so we offer a couple of ways for you to get an estimate for our services.

  • Spiritual Care

    The Spiritual Care Team provides 24-hour support to our patients and families. Our chaplains are here for you, regardless of your religious affiliation or beliefs.

  • Classes and Events

    Baptist Health offers a wide variety of classes, programs and support groups designed to help promote the healthy lifestyle or to help you prepare for life events such as childbirth.

  • LGBT+ Health Resources

    Baptist Health is committed to addressing the health needs of our community. Here you will find national and local health resources for LGBT+ patients and community members.

  • Clinical Trials

    Baptist Health is committed to providing our patients with the latest evidence-based treatments and preventive therapies. We lead the region in clinical trial participation.

  • Florida Health Finder

    The Florida Health Finder website provides quality metrics, patient experience and safety indicators for hospitals through the state of Florida.

  • Advance Care Planning

    Baptist Health offers Advance Care Planning to help you take control of your future care if faced with a serious or life-limiting illness.