Baptist MD Anderson's Breast Cancer Research Program Enrolls 1,000th Clinical Trial Patient

The Breast Cancer Research Program launched in 2017 and has participated in 33 clinical trials so far.

Jacksonville, FL

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Research Program today announced the enrollment of its 1,000th patient, a significant milestone for a program that continues to grow and offer innovative treatment options. Baptist MD Anderson currently has 16 active breast cancer trials and 34 trials for other cancers and disease sites.

During its five years, the Breast Cancer Research Program has achieved many milestones, including participating in six clinical trials with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and enrolling the first patient in a trial for stage 4 breast cancer patients that tested a new drug on its own versus and in combination with immunotherapy.

“Research is a critical component of the work we do at Baptist MD Anderson, and it’s a privilege to be able to offer patients access to novel treatment options they may not find at other cancer centers,” said Jennifer Crozier, MD, medical oncologist and director of the Breast Cancer Research Program. “Our partnership with MD Anderson in Houston gives us the chance to participate in research studies with one of the nation’s leading cancer centers.”

Clinical trials provide patients access to newly developed drugs and therapies and/or genomic profiling of their tumors, potentially leading to a better understanding of their specific disease or their cancer. Through these trial options, participants are paving the way for the advancement of cancer research and potentially benefiting future cancer patients. Research shows that clinical trials that enroll more patients in turn contribute to faster treatment advances and improved outcomes.

“As the Breast Cancer Research Program and the clinical trials program further develop, we aim to offer more novel, early phase trials and to provide even more advanced treatment options for our patients,” said Poonam Neki, MBBS, DA, CCRP, research director of Baptist MD Anderson. “We have grown our existing research program from the ground up, and we are looking forward to seeing the advances we will generate in the upcoming years.”

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