‘More like a resort than a hospital’

mother and toddler smiling at newborn

If you want to create the ideal place to deliver a baby, ask a mom. Better yet, ask several moms.

That’s what Baptist Beaches did for its renovated Labor & Delivery Center, completed in July 2017. During the design stage, the hospital sought feedback from moms who previously had delivered there.

“The moms in our group had different ideas and birthing experiences,” said Caitlin Wolfel, who was part of the focus group and delivered both of her children at Baptist Beaches. “We all had different perspectives to make this a calming and comfortable environment for all types of moms.”

Along with great medical care, moms giving birth at the new center will be treated to beautifully designed, spa-like suites to help them bond with their new baby.

Caitlin said her experience at Beaches was excellent, but admits to being “really nervous” about delivering her first child, Posey, who was born in 2015. “The nurses were there for me through every step,” Caitlin said. “I had one nurse who stayed with me through the night and another who was with me during the day.”

That personal touch remains, along with many other features that make Beaches a special place to have a baby. For example, each private suite is designed to allow moms to stay in the room for the entire birthing process, from labor and delivery through recovery and post-partum care.

“The biggest change is a more tranquil environment where moms can bond with their babies and families,” said Jennifer Malig, RN, nurse manager at Baptist Beaches. “The new center will feel more like a resort than a hospital,” she said.

“We consider it an honor to be part of the lives of women and their families at this incredible time,” said Elizabeth Walsh, MD, an OB/GYN at Baptist Beaches. “The birth of each child is a beautiful miracle. Our goal is for every woman to have a safe and healthy delivery.”

Promoting a safe and baby-friendly atmosphere, which encourages the mother-baby bond will also stay the same, as will the caring support from lactation consultants to help new moms with breastfeeding if that is their choice.

Caitlin delivered baby No. 2, Max, in December 2016. "My experience the second time was better than I could have hoped for," she said. "I felt pampered and well taken care of."

Beaches’ new L&D has several new perks and comforts, including:

  • New large flat-screen TVs with access to hundreds of movies
  • Mobile device charging stations
  • Comfy sleeper sofas for family members
  • Adjustable recliners for breastfeeding moms or for visitors
  • Spa-like private bathrooms with large plush towels and blow dryers
  • Afternoon desserts
  • Select spa treatments, such as massages (available at a reasonable cost)

Come check us out! Tours of Baptist Beaches Labor & Delivery Center are available Sundays at 4 pm. To register, go to baptistbeaches.com under Classes and Events. We also offer childbirth and breastfeeding classes.