Viewing Results in My Baptist Chart: Things to Consider

Viewing Results in My Baptist Chart: Things to Consider Main Content

Baptist Health is required by law to share immediate access to all your health information, including lab, test, and imaging results.

The 21st Century Cures Act brought about this change in 2021. The law aims to ensure patients have timely access to their medical results, promoting transparency and empowering individuals in managing their health.

Immediate Access: A Mixed Blessing

Real-time access means you can see results as soon as they're available, which is often before your healthcare provider has the chance to review them. Having results at your fingertips can be empowering, but it might also raise questions or concerns. Some patients tell us they’ve been anxious after seeing results without their provider's interpretation and explanation. Viewing results is always your decision.

Things to Consider Before Opening Results

Timing is Key
Results can sometimes be confusing, leading to many questions, and in some cases, can reveal serious illness. It’s your choice to view your results right away or hold off until you can discuss with your care team.

Avoiding Friday Afternoons
If you're concerned about test results, you may opt not to check My Baptist Chart on a Friday afternoon. The reason is simple: if you have questions or need further clarification, you may not be able to reach your provider until Monday. This could lead to unnecessary anxiety over the weekend.

Understanding Abnormal Results
Some issues may sound more alarming than they really are. For instance, test results noted as "abnormal" may not necessarily be of clinical concern or require prompt attention. If you prefer, you can wait until your provider is able to fully explain the significance of any findings.

Turn off Notifications
If you decide not to hear about test results in real time, turning off your phone's push notifications from My Baptist Chart is an option. To do this, sign in to My Baptist Chart and visit Account Settings > Communications Preferences.

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