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Your sleep physician will start by reviewing all of your sleep-related concerns. These often include daytime sleepiness, insomnia, snoring, and difficulty concentrating. They’ll also help identify habits or patterns that could have an impact on your rest. Be prepared to list and discuss current medications and active and past medical conditions.

Schedule a Sleep Evaluation


Call to schedule a sleep evaluation with a physician.

Your doctor will complete a focused physical exam with an emphasis on your airway and any abnormalities that could contribute to a sleep disorder. From there, they'll go over any diagnosis, necessary testing, and therapy options with you.

If you're a candidate for a sleep study, this noninvasive test will be scheduled and conducted overnight. The sleep study identifies if or when your sleep patterns are disrupted, and where in your sleep cycles those disruptions occur. The test will record your brain waves, heart rate and breathing through a series of painless sensors on your skin.

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You may schedule a sleep evaluation at Jacksonville Sleep Center by calling 904.854.6899.