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Caring for college kids

Mental health checklist for a new chapter.

College kids

When the time comes for your kids to head off to college, it can be stressful. They’re adapting to life on their own for the first time, navigating a new school environment, and, in many cases, living in a dorm full of total strangers.

Kal Kseib, DPsych, health and wellness consultant at Baptist Health, offered some advice you can share with your kids as they prepare for this big transition. Think of it as a college student version of a mental health checklist.

Mental health checklist for college kids

The list applies to students returning to college, too, as each year brings changes with it, Kseib said.

“It’s going to take time to get settled into your new environment, and that’s OK,” he added. “Go at your own speed and find support systems for when you may need them.”

If you or your child are struggling with the adjustment to college life, Baptist Behavioral Health providers are here to help. Call 904.376.3800 to make an appointment with a mental health professional.

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