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The essence of a life full of zest is good health. We all want to take care of ourselves, but it can be hard to squeeze healthful eating habits and everyday physical activity into our busy schedules. You don’t have to go it alone. With Juice, Baptist Health is serving up fresh, dependable health news to you to help you make healthy choices. Our health news hub is flavored with patient stories, videos, photos, infographics and more created by a team of experienced health writers and artists, and backed by our medical experts and wellness specialists. Let us know how you like your Juice.

Meet the Juice Staff

Cindy Hamilton

Executive Director, Corporate Communications

Cindy joined Baptist Health more than 35 years ago. She started as a graphic designer and went on to oversee creative services, media relations, events, and pretty much anything else related to communications.

Never turning away from a crisis, Cindy has managed internal and external responses to all types of emergencies from hurricanes and bomb threats to the H1N1 and Ebola epidemics and mass casualties.

Cindy is viewed by many at Baptist Health as the “calm during the storm” for any PR situation; in fact, there are days when there is a line of two or three colleagues at her door, seeking the advice and guidance that comes with years of communications experience.

Vikki Mioduszewski


Vikki is marketing and communications manager for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, which means that on any given day, she might encounter real penguins, a mermaid, an NFL player or a former prime minister, and on the best days, a sweet patient and a kind-hearted caregiver. After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications at Jacksonville University, she has spent the last 30 years in health care communications, where she’s done a little bit of everything. Employee newsletter? Check. Media relations? Sure. Marketing? Often. Event planning? OK. Vikki loves to write, is passionate about telling people’s stories in every venue, and is always searching for fresh new angles. She enjoys traveling to America’s great cities with her family and says if she weren’t doing this, she’d be a scriptwriter for anything on the Investigation Discovery or History channels.

headshot of juliette allen

Juliette Allen

Managing Editor

2,818. That’s how many miles Juliette traveled on her road to Jacksonville. As a fresh Penn State graduate, Juliette moved from her native Philadelphia to Columbia, Missouri, to follow the bright lights of local TV news. It was a natural career choice for a woman who has always been curious about everything. Her broadcast journalism career took Juliette from Columbia to Austin, Texas, and then all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. Two hurricanes, a house and a wedding later, Jacksonville is home. Along the road, Juliette met people from all different backgrounds and realized the old saying is true: everyone has a story. As a marketing and communications specialist at Wolfson Children’s Hospital and a writer for Juice, Juliette gets to tell the most inspiring stories in Northeast Florida and beyond. While she plans to stay put in Jacksonville, Juliette likes to keep her suitcase handy – there’s a whole world to see! Outside of work, you can find her catching sunrise on the beach with her husband and two dogs, biking to brunch or cheering on her Philly and Penn State sports teams.

Alexis Kirkland


Alexis, who goes by Lexi, first felt the allure of storytelling at a young age and has been chasing the thrill of taking an audience on a journey ever since. She has a passion for telling compelling stories about people or subjects that affect them. A Jacksonville native, she moved cross-country at 18 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations at San Diego State University. At her first job with a California PR agency, Lexi was always metaphorically out-of-office and on the go, specializing in the luxury travel, hospitality and lifestyle industries. Yearning for a more mission-driven purpose, she eventually made her way back to Jacksonville and landed a position as a PR specialist at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, where she now tells inspiring stories of children and families throughout the region. When she is not focusing on health care communications, you can find her on the beach with her toes in the sand and a book in hand.

Cynthia Klusmeyer


You’ll often find Cynthia trekking through Baptist Health on photo shoots, learning videography or sitting in on interviews with team members and patients. Back at the office, she’s a graphic designer, responsible for bringing life to ideas and concepts, in stories and infographics, or in memorable and engaging marketing pieces. Her other creative outlets include painting and singing opera music (in the shower), much to her family’s chagrin. She is a loving wife to a caring husband, mother to two resolute daughters, grandmother, and dog mom to two rescue dogs. When her creative juices need downtime, you’ll find Cynthia camping, kayaking, reading or playing board games.

headshot of janine

Janine Landowski


As a senior graphic designer for Baptist Health, Janine enjoys seeing her work put to use in many venues, from developing hospital signage and logos to designing magazines, infographics and billboards. As a child, she dreamed of putting her creative talent to work as an art teacher. But plans changed when this Wisconsin farm girl moved to St. Paul for her first job. Years later working for marketing and communications at Citibank, she got to see firsthand what graphic designers do, and she was hooked! She studied design at FSCJ, and was promoted at Citi to design project coordinator, then print production manager, and then art director. Janine has been with Baptist Health since 2007 and in her leisure time she loves spoiling her grandchildren and traveling to places near and far.

headshot of katie mcpherson

Katie McPherson


Katie wrote her first book at 9 years old and never looked back, later earning her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Florida. Today, she writes health, science and lifestyle stories for national news outlets. She also loves sharing the inspiring patient stories and medical expertise from providers at Baptist Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital as a Juice contributor. When she’s not tapping away at the keyboard, Katie’s probably listening to true crime podcasts, spending time with her dogs and horse, sipping craft beers with her husband, or rewatching Lord of the Rings for the millionth time.

headshot of emilie pennington

Emilie Pennington


Emilie used to play a game with her father: Take any object, and see what else you can see. That’s how the woodgrain of her closet door became a Modigliani portrait of an elongated and soulful female’s face. So it’s not surprising that Emilie grew to become a creative. And because she went to college originally to study nursing, it follows that she is now a graphic designer working in a hospital. The most intriguing aspect of her job, she says, is to reveal the invisible energy that lies just beneath the surface for dynamic messaging. (That’s also the most challenging.) Her inspirations are blues and jazz music, Rothko, Steinbeck and Tootsie Rolls. Emilie has a BA degree in design, but learned the most from a plethora of straight-shooter mentors, gregarious bosses, clients big and small, and life.

Cat Prisco Headshot

Cat Prisco


Torn between two passions growing up – health care and marketing – Cat ultimately decided to combine the two and market for the health care industry. The decision to go into marketing over becoming a doctor or nurse was made easier by the fact that Cat doesn’t handle the more graphic side of the medical field very well. Getting squeamish at things like blood draws is sort of a deal breaker.

One thing she definitely doesn’t shy away from is finding creative ways to help children and their families get the care they need. As a digital marketing expert, Cat creates strategies to spread the word through various digital platforms about the amazing work happening every day at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

In her downtime, you can find Cat at the beach, competing in game night with her family and friends, or spending time with her 24 animals (2 dogs, 2 cats and 20 fish) at home, which she lovingly calls the “Prisco Zoo.”

headshot of Kyndal Rock

Kyndal Rock


Kyndal may be 5 feet, 2 inches tall, but what she lacks in height, she makes up in personality. Born and raised a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye, Kyndal went against her father’s wishes and attended the University of Florida, where she received a degree in public relations with a minor in communication studies. At UF, Kyndal was a member of Delta Gamma and Gator Beach Volleyball club, while also writing for UF Health publications.

Growing up in a small beach town, Kyndal had her sights set on a larger city that also had a beach nearby. So, she packed up her life and took the risk, headed for Jacksonville, where she landed a position with Baptist Health as an Integrated Communications Coordinator. Her passion for health care stems from her involvement in UF’s Dance Marathon, where she willingly danced TWICE for 26.2 hours to raise funds and awareness for children with terminal illness.

When Kyndal’s not chugging an energy drink or glued to her screens, she likes to disconnect and spend time at the beach or with her friends. You can often find Kyndal covered head-to-toe in sand playing beach volleyball, lounging on the beach wearing her trusty cowgirl hat or cheering on her Gators and Jaguars!

headshot of wesley roberts

Wesley Roberts


Wesley has been passionate about engaging stories and perfect grammar for as long as she can remember. Writing creative children’s books as a little girl eventually developed into the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Tar Heel born and bred newlywed landed in Jacksonville and is still on the search to find the best vanilla latte in the city. After dabbling in the agency life and leadership development, she was thrilled to land the position as a writer at Baptist Health. When she’s out of the office, you’re sure to find her exploring a new restaurant or running on the beach.

headshot of beth stambaugh

Beth Stambaugh


Call it ADD or just a penchant for juggling many things at once, Beth is always running from one Baptist Health community hospital to the next, handling a variety of marketing and communications projects. That’s 25 years of marketing and communications experience talking, the last eight with Baptist Health. A creative type who speaks her mind, Beth ran a communications consulting business out of her home for more than 10 years until a career in health care communications beckoned. When she’s not writing stories, planning events or marketing campaigns, the University of Florida grad and AOII alum can be found whacking balls on the tennis court. Unless she’s enjoying the beach with her husband. Or spending time with her two teenagers when they allow it.

headshot of carolyn tillo

Carolyn Tillo


As she trudged through the snow on a dark, cold morning in Boston last winter, Carolyn’s hands and feet went numb, and she asked herself the question “What am I doing here?” A native Floridian, she realized after eight years in New England that she would never love the cold. She longed for the beaches of Florida and was thrilled to move home to Jacksonville last summer and start her job at Baptist Health, where she had interned nine years before. Eager to embrace Florida life, Carolyn took up surfing lessons and was frequently shown up by the five-year-olds riding waves next to her. She tried to get tan but decided against it, knowing that she should do all she could to avoid skin cancer, especially in her role as the integrated communications strategist for Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center. Carolyn loves that her job combines both marketing and public relations, allowing her to develop strategic communications campaigns while telling the stories of Baptist MD Anderson’s inspiring patients and staff. In her spare time, she enjoys creative writing and is working on a novel that she dreams of publishing someday. Carolyn also likes swimming, running, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

Headshot of Kristi Tucker

Kristi Tucker


After spending her career in various communications roles within the aviation industry, Kristi Tucker decided to “take flight” in a new role as a writer and media relations specialist at Baptist Health. She moved to Jacksonville from the metro Atlanta area where she grew up, though her previous career allowed her to live in Northern Virginia (beautiful!), coastal Alabama (hot and humid!) and the United Kingdom (no, she never met the Queen), as well as travel all over the world (Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! Cześć!). Her job in marketing and communications at Baptist Health brings her life full circle – in the late 1960s her parents met inside the same building where she now works.

She has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and an MBA from Shorter College in Rome, GA. And while she has performed every role within corporate communications during her career, writing is her first love.

When she’s not at work, Kristi likes to hike, read, explore new places, travel and serve Chester, her very bossy cat who has trained her to follow all of his orders.

headshot of johnny woodhouse

Johnny Woodhouse


Johnny comes from a long line of medical professionals, but he didn’t have the brains nor the stomach to follow their lead. Instead, he spent more than 30 years in newspapers, doing everything from driving the circulation truck to covering sports and petty criminals on the police beat. Now, in his third act, he finally gets the chance to work as a writer/editor in the health care setting, but, sadly, still isn’t allowed to touch any of the equipment. He enjoys writing about a slew of health topics and obsessing over every one of his word choices. When he’s not banging the keyboard, he’s walking a trail in the woods, swimming long distances in the ocean and trying to figure out why his wife hasn’t left him after nearly 30 years of marriage.

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