Automated Breast Ultrasound

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Baptist Health offers automated breast ultrasounds for women with dense breasts who have had a screening mammogram. A physician's referral is needed.

Enhanced imaging for dense breasts

Automated breast ultrasound is a painless imaging technique that utilizes sound waves to create detailed images of breast tissue. It is often used in conjunction with mammography, especially for individuals with dense breast tissue.

Quick and non-invasive

During an automated breast ultrasound, gel is applied to the breast and a handheld device is moved over the breast surface. The procedure is non-invasive and usually takes about 15-30 minutes, with no radiation exposure. In some cases, it can provide sufficient information to rule out the need for further invasive procedures.

More accurate diagnosis

An automated breast ultrasound enhances the detection of small abnormalities that might not be visible on mammograms alone, making it an invaluable tool for early detection. It also provides a clearer view of breast tissue, aiding in more accurate diagnoses.

Imaging Appointments


If you have a physician referral for an automated breast ultrasound to investigate inconclusive or suspicious results from a screening mammogram, please call us to schedule.

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