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As a woman, you have unique health needs specific to your body, which is why your treatment plan should be tailored to fit you. Baptist Rehabilitation offers specialized treatment options through our women’s health physical therapy program.

What is Women’s Health Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy for women treats conditions specific to women, like pelvic floor disorders. For millions of women, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain is a chronic problem.

Pelvic floor disorders occur when women have weakened pelvic muscles and or tears in the connective tissue of the pelvic organs. Many women don’t know about therapy options that can help relieve pain and improve their quality of life.

What Conditions Does Women’s Physical Therapy Treat?

We treat a range of conditions in women, beyond pelvic floor dysfunction. Some of the conditions treated by our women’s health specialist include:

  • Loss of bladder control, stress urinary incontinence or mixed incontinence
  • Frequent or sudden urges to urinate
  • Discomfort related to the bladder and/or urethra
  • Dropping of the pelvic organs; including bladder, bowel, rectum, uterus, vagina
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Constipation
  • Pelvic floor muscle weakness, tightness, or pain
  • Pelvic pain, including but not limited to vulvar pain, pain with urination, vaginal pain
  • Pain and dysfunction during and following pregnancy

Additional Women’s Health Physical Therapy Services

We also offer special care and treatment options for patients with:

  • Breast cancer, including lymphedema management and congestive decongestive therapy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pre-and post-partum low back pain and general deconditioning

What is Involved in Treatment?

Women’s health physical therapy treatments vary from person to person, depending on your symptoms and individual needs. Some treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles, restore normal joint mobility, improve muscular balance
  • Teach improved movement patterns

Women’s Health at Baptist

Along with our women’s health physical therapy and rehabilitation, Baptist Health offers an array of comprehensive services and resources for women.

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