Pink Ribbon Jax: No-Cost Mammograms

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Pink Ribbon Jax and Baptist Health are providing 1,400 no-cost mammograms to qualified community members.

Don't Let Cost Keep you from a Lifesaving Mammogram Screening

Getting an annual mammogram isn't easy if you can’t afford it. That’s why we are so grateful for the generous donation of Pink Ribbon Jax, a nonprofit that supports local breast cancer research, mammography and patient services at local hospitals. Pink Ribbon Jax has donated 1,400 no-cost mammograms at Baptist Health for qualified community members.

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Early Detection is Important

Did you know when breast cancer is caught early before it has spread, the five-year survival rate is 99%?

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Steps to Schedule a Pink Ribbon Mammogram

  • Step 1: Do you qualify?

    To qualify for a Pink Ribbon mammogram, you must:

    • Be uninsured
    • Be 40 or older*
    • Have a primary care provider who can write an order

    *If you have a family member who was diagnosed with breast cancer between ages 40-49, then our “10-year rule” applies. For example, with a first-degree relative diagnosed at 42, your eligibility begins at 32.

  • Step 2: Get an order

    Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to get an order for a screening mammogram.

    Don't have a primary care provider?
    If you are uninsured and don't have a primary care provider, reach out to the following health care centers in our community:

  • Step 3: Set up your appointment

    No-cost screening mammograms can be scheduled at any of our seven locations and on the Buddy Bus.

    Call 904.202.7405 to schedule your appointment.

    Need Help?
    If you think you qualify for a no-cost mammogram but need help getting started, fill out this form and a care coordinator will contact you to help.

    Pink Ribbon Mammogram Information Request