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We know there is a lot to do when you’re expecting and raising a family. MyFamily is more than a pregnancy app. We’ll be there for you through morning sickness, the terrible twos, the teenage years and everything in between.

Best of all, it’s created by Baptist Health, your trusted health system in Northeast Florida, and Wolfson Children’s Hospital, making it even easier to connect to your health care needs.

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Get the MyFamily App

Using the MyFamily app is easy! Download it for free today from your favorite app store. We’ll walk you through setting up a profile for you and each of your children.


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Personalized To-do Lists

We’ll remind you of next steps. From completing your blood work during pregnancy to making your baby’s 12-month immunization appointment. You can even add your own to-do items.

Tips, Articles and Affirmations

We provide articles and tips for your pregnancy questions, your child’s health and development, and much more.

Week-by-Week Updates

Stay informed on your child’s development milestones. We’ll tell you when your baby grows from a little lentil to a pumpkin.

Pregnancy & Growth Trackers

From tracking your baby kicking to your newborn feedings, we make it easier to keep track of it all.