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Stop suffering

Breathe easier with the right treatment for your sinus pain and lingering symptoms.

Article Author: Wesley Roberts

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Have you had one of those colds that won’t go away?

Do you have nasal congestion, sinus pressure, or pain and swelling around your eyes, cheeks and nose?

Are over-the-counter medicines failing to cure your symptoms?

It might not be a cold, and it’s probably time to ask an ENT about your symptoms.

If you experience frequent sinus pain and pressure, it could be a sign that your sinuses are obstructed – and over-the-counter medications such as nasal decongestants and antihistamines may not be enough to help them function normally.

Common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the front of your face or behind your eyes
  • A headache that gets worse when you bend over
  • Pressure or fullness in the ear
  • Sinus pain that is worse in the morning or in damp weather
  • Persistent fatigue or an inability to concentrate
  • There are options to help you breathe easier!

“Our sinuses are designed to filter, warm and moisturize the air we breathe,” explained Mary Czerny, MD, Otolaryngologist (ENT) with Baptist ENT Specialists. “Inflammation within the sinuses disrupts airflow and drainage. This can cause chronic sinus congestion, pain and difficulty breathing.”

“We’re here to help,” explained Dr. Czerny. “We, as ENTs, can talk to you about your symptoms and help you find the underlying cause. Most importantly, we can help you treat it accurately and quickly! No one wants to suffer from sinus pain longer than they have to.”

An ENT may also recommend a minimally invasive way to reopen narrowed or blocked nasal passages. Re-opening the sinuses restores proper airflow and drainage. In some patients, an allergic component may contribute to the buildup of inflammation. If a patient’s history or exam is suspicious, allergy testing may be performed right in the doctor’s office.

If sinus pain and congestion are affecting your quality of life, we have a fast-track to sinus relief. Call 904.202.ENTS to discuss your symptoms with a physician.

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