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BrainStormers is a monthly in-person gathering of Brain Aneurysm, AVM, Hemorrhagic or Ischemic Stroke survivors, caregivers and community members who want to be informed, empowered and supported in stroke education, prevention and recovery. Virtual attendance via Zoom is also available.

Meeting goals include:

  • Empowering participants by offering educational information and emotional support
  • Providing opportunities for shared personal experiences
  • Promoting good health and an improved quality of life
  • Providing information on community resources

For more information, contact us at or 904.202.0543.

To sign up, click on the calendar icon of the date you're interested in. There is no cost to attend and YMCA membership is not required.

Patient Stories + Expert Advice

  • smiling couple posing in front of Christmas decorations

    Life without the worry

    Innovative treatment helps stroke survivor with Afib focus on his future instead of worrying about another stroke.

  • graphic of a woman holding her head in pain

    Subtle stroke symptoms in women

    Every minute matters when someone is having a stroke. Read about the lesser-known symptoms that may appear in women to avoid delays in care.

  • illustration of a brain lifting weights

    Maintain a healthy brain

    A neuropsychologist explains how cognitive reserve can help improve your chances of a better outcome following stroke or dementia.

  • Illustrative image of a person laying on a stretcher after having a stroke.

    After calling 911

    A stroke is an emergency and every second matters. Here's what happens after you call 911.

Are you at risk for a stroke?

Up to 80% of strokes can be prevented, so start reducing your risks now. Complete this Stroke Risk Scorecard today and discuss your results with your health care provider.

Stroke Rise Scorecard


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How can we improve?

BrainStormers is always looking for ways to better support those in our group. If you've attended one of our sessions before, we'd like to ask you a few, quick survey questions to see how we can best adjust our support group to make it more easily accessible to you.

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