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After 911

The rapid journey of a stroke patient.

Article Author: Wesley Roberts

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Illustrative image of a person laying on a stretcher and medical staff pushing the patient presumably to a place for care. A stopwatch illustrating the importance of time is in the background.

During a stroke, every second matters.

“When people who are showing the signs and symptoms of a stroke are taken to a Comprehensive Stroke Center, like Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, it can make a significant difference in outcomes and recovery,” said Nima Aghaebrahim, MD, neurointerventionalist with Lyerly Neurosurgery at Baptist Health.

So what exactly happens after someone calls 911 for a suspected stroke?

infographic of the journey of a stroke patient

“We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team at the hospital 24/7 to care for stroke patients,” said Dr. Nima. “We’re committed to excellence for our patients and their loved ones.”

Call 911 if you or your loved on experiences signs or symptoms of stroke. The Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville is a Joint Commission Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center dedicated to the rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke. To learn more, visit baptistjax.com/stroke.

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