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Baptist Behavioral Health has a team dedicated to caring for bariatric patients. Our psychologists and other licensed mental health professionals have specialized training and expertise in performing pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluations. We work collaboratively with the North Florida Surgeons and the bariatric team to make sure your overall care is well coordinated.

VIDEO: Why psychological testing before bariatric surgery?

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Appointments: Bariatric Psychological Evaluation

Call us at 904.376.3800, or complete this form and one of our coordinators will call you.
Your surgery does not need to be at Baptist to access these services.


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Bariatric Evaluation & Therapies

We ask that you take care of your co-pay/co-insurance at the time of the appointment. Please pay with Mastercard or Visa. We do not accept checks. Our team will explain the new patient paperwork you will need to complete prior to your appointment.

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What patients are saying about their bariatric psychological evaluation experience

  • "I love the fact that part of this program involves a psychological evaluation and program component. My weight is what it is in part due to behavior and emotion that's deeply rooted in me, some of which I wasn't even aware of. I really appreciate being able to work with the entire team so that I can make this journey the best that I can."

    "My counseling has been very helpful not only with preparation for bariatric surgery, but with life in general."

  • "When I met with people in the office for appointments, they could not have been nicer, and it is a feeling of relief that I have some staff that I will be able to speak with after the surgery."

    “The practitioners of Baptist Behavioral Health Bariatrics are focused on my overall success, even if that means telling me that I'm not ready for surgery. I deeply appreciate their honesty and their teamwork in getting me prepared for a successful surgery and the lifestyle beyond.”

Our Team

Meet a few of the bariatric behavioral health team who will help you prepare for this change.

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Video Series: What to expect during bariatric surgery counseling

  • Video 1

    The pre-surgical psychological evaluation

  • Video 2

    Behavioral Strategies for Lifestyle changes

  • Video 3

    Coping skills: changing thoughts, emotions and behaviors

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Frequently Asked Questions