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male health care worker preparing da Vinci machine for surgery

Baptist Health is the region’s leader in robotic-assisted surgery. This precise surgical technique is minimally invasive, which improves recovery times and outcomes for patients. Our highly skilled surgeons conduct da Vinci® procedures at Baptist Jacksonville, Baptist South and Baptist Beaches.

Conditions We Treat


Single-site robotic assisted surgery is emerging as the preferred way for gallbladder removal. Using the daVinci system, the surgeon operates through one small incision in the patient’s navel.


da Vinci technology is helpful with a variety of hernia surgeries by allowing smaller incisions, lower complications, faster recovery and reducing the chance of a hernia returning.


With only a few small incisions, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or the entire uterus can be removed using daVinci technology. Surgeons can correct prolapse (dropping) of the uterus, vagina and bladder while preserving fertility. The robot is also used to remove fibroids and cysts.


Minimally invasive da Vinci surgery can be used to remove a lung or portion of a lung. For many patients, this can mean less pain, minimal scarring and faster recovery.


Precise removal of the cancerous prostate gland and related structures with daVinci surgery can reduce blood loss and provide a faster recovery of erectile and urinary function. This also may reduce the chance of nerve injury and other complications.


The daVinci system also offers precise removal of cancerous tissue in the colon as well as other potential benefits when compared to open surgery such as less blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stay and quicker return of bowel function.


Robotic technology is used by surgeons to enhance precision in the removal of diseased tissue and preservation of healthy kidney tissue. Doctors can remove a blockage in the urinary system and reattach the healthy part of the kidney to the healthy part of the ureter.

Pediatric Kidney Conditions

For pediatric patients, Wolfson Children’s Hospital offers robotic-assisted repair for a common congenital malformation that causes a blockage between the kidney and ureter. If left untreated, this condition damages kidney function.

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