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Every stage of a woman’s life presents a new set of challenges that keep her busy. And with each stage of life, her health needs change, too. To provide women the resources that fit with their evolving needs, Baptist Health offers 4her, a unique collection of wellness services, focused on women.

24/7 Personalized Health Care Navigation

It’s easy to get lost within the healthcare system. Our care coordinators are ready to connect you with the health care resources you need, whether it’s a primary care doctor, a specialist, or a health coach. Call 904.202.4her (4437) to get started.

Health Coaching 4her

Health coaching can help you move from where you are health-wise to where you want to be. Take advantage of our nurse-led health coach program, dedicated to women’s health matters, no matter what stage of life you are in. You can have a session with a Women's Nurse Wellness Coach in person, over the phone, or virtually through video conference...whichever way works best for you. Call 904.202.4her (4437) to schedule an appointment, or complete our online form to request a health coach session.

4her Events, Education and Unique Services

Baptist Health 4her offers gatherings at rotating locations around town that feature the latest on women’s health and wellness topics. You can connect to resources, sound information and likeminded women in the community.

A few of our most popular classes and events include:

  • Total Control© Designed to help women strengthen the core muscles essential for bladder control and quality of life through a classroom instruction and exercise. You’ll learn ways to strengthen key muscles that can lead to a stronger core, better posture, and improved incontinence and urgency symptoms. Upcoming sessions are listed on this page under “Classes and Events.”
  • 4her Presents Programming Connect, learn a new activity and take time for YOU. Our 4her Presents events are interactive wellness experiences hosted at popular spots around Jacksonville.
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