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‘Is that good?’

A guide to understanding blood pressure readings.

cartoon image of a stoplight alongside a blood pressure cuff

Any visit to a physician's office usually includes a blood pressure reading. For many people, when the cuff comes off and the nurse or doctor states a number, the first response is, "Is that good?"

"Whether you monitor your blood pressure at home or at the doctor's office, understanding what the numbers are telling you is key to managing your health," said Shreya Ghetiya, MD, a cardiologist with Baptist Heart Specialists. "Based on your blood pressure, lifestyle and other health factors, you and your doctor can work together to determine the right care plan for you."

infographic explaining blood pressure numbers

Your primary care physician is an important ally in your medical care, including monitoring your blood pressure. Baptist Primary Care has locations across the Jacksonville area so you can find care close to you. Call 904.202.4YOU (202.4968) or request an appointment online.

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