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Resources for neurodiverse patients


Resources for neurodiverse patients

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How can we help?

See our Specialized Services and Programs for contact and appointment information.

Seeing Your World Differently

Neurodivergence can make routine medical visits challenging. We're here to help kids and adults navigate care for neurodevelopmental and communication conditions such as:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Down syndrome

  • Intellectual disability

  • Communication disorders

  • Aging and dementia

  • ADHD or attention concerns

  • Brain injury

  • Cognitive Impacts of Medical Conditions

  • Learning or processing differences

  • Sensory issues

A Spectrum of Solutions

At Baptist Health and Wolfson Children's we offer speech and occupational therapy, special blood draws through Day Stay, special supports for children having hospital stays and surgeries, outpatient and inpatient behavioral health services for children and adults.

  • Screening and diagnosis
  • Special consideration during treatment and care
  • Access to care and caregiver support
Baptist Health logo next to the Wolfson Children's Hospital logo

How can we help?

See our Specialized Services and Programs for contact and appointment information.

What is neurodivergence?

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This nonmedical term describes people whose brain develops or works differently. Neurodivergence impacts attention span, communication, processing, navigation, and intelligence.

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Specialized Services and Programs  

Baptist Health offers a range of services for neurodivergent kids and adults. Select a service below to learn more and schedule an appointment online.

  • A caring black nurse talks to an elderly senior male patient sitting in the living room at a homecare visit

    Neuropsychological Testing

    Our team of psychologists and neuropsychologists assess individuals for Autistim Spectrum Disorder, reading comprehension, learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, memory issues, emotional difficulties, and cognitive deficits.

  • A boy with autism hugs his brother at breakfast

    Applied Behavior Analysis

    In applied behavior analysis, a clinician works with a patient to understand and modify behaviors that impact daily life, function, and learning. ABA uses positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors and decrease problem behaviors.

  • Photo of a clinic setting where a female therapist is listening to a female patient

    Psychotherapuetic Counselling

    Therapy may help with corollary conditions are often part of neurodevelopmental disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychotic diagnoses, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, substance use, autism, eating disorders and neuro-rehabilitation.

  • photo of a adult rehab clinic setting where a female therapist helps a middle-aged Asian woman perform arm exercises

    Physical Rehabilitation

    Physical rehab can alleviate pain, restore function, promote safety and improve your overall health.

  • A sick asian child girl is lying on the bed and touching her face in the hospital

    Labwork for special needs

    Our caring team can accommodate special needs for coping and support.

  • a female teenager with purple-and-blue-dyed hair wears a black smock while sitting at a table and drawing with colored pencils

    Inpatient Behavioral Healthcare

    Our hospital-based services offer a wide range of options for adults and children who require inpatient care.

  • photo of a pediatric clinic setting where a female provider pushes a young male patient on a tricycle

    Early Autism Intervention Program

    At Wolfson Children's, we work to identify children who are at risk for neurodevelopmental and communication disorders.

  • Photo of a clinic setting where a female rehab therapist wearing gloves puts her hand on a female patient's throat to feel as she swallows water from a cup

    Speech Therapy

    Many people struggling with language, swallowing or speech disorders can benefit from speech therapy.

  • female therapist helping a woman get out of her wheelchair

    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy assists your recovery through actions you commonly use in your daily life.

  • Photo of a teenage girl talking to a counselor


    We offer a wide range of behavioral health programs, depression treatment, and inpatient care at our state-of-the-art riverfront facility.

  • A young boy in a wheelchair plays the xylophone and another young boy plays the guitar

    Music Therapy

    Music therapy eases stress, perceived pain and hospital-induced anxiety, offering patients a calmer sense of control.

  • photo of a pediatric clinic setting where a female provider is reading a book with a young child

    Child Life

    We assist kids with autism or developmental delays with expression, sensory toys and coping plans to process their experience.

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