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photo for Finding balance article

Finding balance

Exercises to stay strong and steady as you age.

Diverticulitis signs and symptoms

Papal procedure

Diverticulitis is common among the elderly, including Pope Francis.

photo for Hear, hear! article

Hear, hear!

How to tell whether you need an audiologist or ENT.

non-opioid alternatives

What a relief!

Alternatives to opioids to manage chronic pain.

A wooden artist's figure falling backwards

Facts about falls

Common causes of tumbles and ways to prevent future stumbles.

photo for Oh, my aching back article

Oh, my aching back

Five common causes of spinal stress and how to get relief at home.

digital rendering of lungs with virus surrounding them

Immune offense

Why COVID-19 seems to prefer those who are older.

Older couple on the screen of a device visiting son

Caring for seniors

How to stay connected to older loved ones through challenging times.